Avoid Making These Mistakes When Involved in an Accident

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Honda of Stamford Brings You Tips to Properly Handle an Accident

If you're involved in an accident, you may find yourself in a state of panic. It's important to remember that although it may seem like the world is caving in, everything will be fine in the end. We want you to enjoy your time on the road whether commuting, traveling, or visiting friends and family.

How to Handle an Accident

It's important to keep your cool even if you know that the accident wasn't through any wrongdoing on your part. Contacting EMS if there are injuries should be the first and foremost concern. The police should be contacted immediately as well. For hit and run accidents, attempt to get the license plate number if you're able to do so, safely. Never leave the scene of an accident without the other party’s consent if you choose not to involve the police.

If it's safe to stay where the vehicles are located and get out of the vehicle, it's always recommended that you try to document the damage and scene with a camera through pictures or recording. It's not necessary to speak to a hostile driver, as the police will investigate if they're contacted. Move the vehicles only if you're clearly causing a disturbance or are jeopardizing the safety of yourself or others.

If the exchange is welcomed by both parties and you choose not to involve the police, ensure that you have the information about the other party safely stored. It's not unreasonable to ask to exchange identification to ensure accuracy. You should also get the information for the other driver's insurance company and report the accident to your insurance company as quickly as possible.

If You Have a Total Loss or Want a New Car

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