Do You Know What You Can Tow (and Haul)?

July 28th, 2019 by

When it comes to trucks, it seems like there are a thousand different statistics that communicate the capabilities of the truck. Two of the most important stats, the payload and the towing capacity, can be confusing and difficult to differentiate. Here is an explanation from your friends at Honda of Stamford to help bring some clarity to the issue.

First, the payload. If you're reading this in your truck, you are currently part of the payload, as this term refers to anything the truck is hauling in its cab or bed. The strength of the truck's frame is the most significant determining factor for this number. On the other hand, towing capacity is primarily influenced by the power and torque present in the engine, as this number refers to the amount the truck can haul using a hitch.

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Source: Honda of Stamford Blog

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