Don’t Put Your Car in Time-Out this School Year

August 25th, 2019 by

Back to school means that you'll be relying on your vehicle even more. Even grandparents find this to be a hectic driving season with increasingly difficult driving conditions. %di_name%% can help to reduce the stress on your vehicle with routine maintenance, servicing and repairs.

Oil changes, tire rotation, air filter replacement, and having a tune-up completed helps to avoid unnecessary vehicle troubles. You could also be extending the life of your vehicle and help to maintain its resale value with timely maintenance and servicing. Don't ignore dash lights and have these items checked out right away.

Honda of Stamford offers our customers an easy solution to their maintenance needs. Our certified and trained technicians will keep your vehicle running as it should. We offer convenient service center hours to work with nearly any schedule. Get in touch with us to find out our specials that'll make this driving season much more pleasant and productive.



Source: Honda of Stamford Blog

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