Important Information About Your Timing Belt

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When it comes to your vehicle, there are a whole host of car parts that you should be aware of. Many of these might seem to be awfully obscure to you, but they still are extremely important. One case in point would be your timing belt.

The Function Of Your Timing Belt

The main task of a timing belt is to keep the crankshaft and camshaft turning at a synchronized rate. If your timing belt fails, it could mean that your car suddenly shuts down, perhaps even when you are driving. The worst-case scenario you might encounter would be your timing belt causing a total engine failure.

Your Timing Belt and Your Engine Type

If you have an interference engine, a timing belt fail could lead to a breakdown of the camshaft. leading to a broken piston or a severely damaged valve. A non-interference engine will still have problems with a broken timing belt, but not nearly as bad as an interference engine. It is definitely important to refer to your driver’s manual to determine which type of engine you have. Moreover, the experts at Honda of Stamford can also answer any questions you might have regarding your timing belt.


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