What Can Cause Your Vehicle to Come out of Alignment?

June 29th, 2018 by

Most drivers know that they need to have a wheel alignment after they have new or different tires put on their vehicles. What they often don’t realize is that their vehicles may need an alignment at other times as well. Come to Honda of Stamford and let our technicians check over your vehicle.

If your vehicle is vibrating or veering to one side of the road, it may be in need of an alignment even if the tires aren’t new. Driving too fast over speed bumps or hitting potholes are two things that can make your wheels go out of alignment. If the vehicle has ever hit a curb or been involved in an accident, that can also cause misalignment.

Don’t let a misaligned vehicle cause you unnecessary repair bills. Call for an appointment or stop at our shop in Greenwich, CT. We’ll look over your tires and give you an honest assessment.

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