What is an Infotainment System?

August 31st, 2018 by

In-car entertainment systems have evolved in the past five years. Ever since 2015, auto manufacturers have been beefing up the LED screen quality and connectivity, allowing for new WiFi-enabled vehicles, better driver safety alerts, new app interfaces like Apple CarPlay, and lots of vehicle diagnostic options.

Some of the latest infotainment systems have large touch-screens, while others are still going with a heads-up display design. This will likely change as many drivers like the idea of large screens in their center console that they can see full models of apps on their phone, stream video calls, and check out alerts from side and rearview cameras.

Your car can be like a command center with the latest infotainment systems as well. You can allow for voice-enabled commands that make it easier to get around without having to worry about accidents and collisions on the highway. You can test drive the latest vehicles at Honda of Stamford.


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Source: Honda of Stamford Blog

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