Winter Survival Kit Essentials

January 28th, 2019 by

We at Honda of Stamford love to give tips about winter driving. A survival kit in your car should include essential items and custom items for passengers and extended trips. Consider items that will meet your needs for waiting in the car versus leaving your vehicle to find assistance on foot.

Your vehicle should be ready for winter with a good spare tire, a jack, fluids, a tow chain and tire chains for icy road conditions. A shovel and battery charger or jumper cables should also be in your survival kit. Include an ice scraper and work gloves to keep snow from accumulating on your car.

Some essential survival items are food, water, a first aid kit, and blankets. Pillows and books are great for younger passengers to stay busy. If you have a pet that travels with you, make sure to include food and water for them in your emergency kit. A pet may also need booties if you are going to walk in the snow or ice.


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Source: Honda of Stamford Blog

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